Halloween Tutorial: Cute Lion

7:10 PM

Hello Girls! 
I am back with another Halloween tutorial, I know October is almost over but the spirit of Halloween is still there!

So lets get started this super easy and fun tutorial!

1. Apply dark foundation or bronzer at your forehead and cheek area.
2. Apply white foundation or concealer at the area above your eyebrows, nose bridge, and mouth. Blend the dark and white foundation together so there will be no harsh line.
3. Using black eyeliner make a triangle shape at the tip of your nose and pull a line down to your lips. Also make an exaggerate line to your eyes to imitate lion's eyes using black eyeliner. Blend the crease of your eyes using gold/brownish color.
4. Fill the tip of your nose with red/pink lipstick, and apply the same color to your bottom lip!.
5. Put your hair down, and you are ready to go!

This look is sooo easy and super fast. I think it only took me about 20 mints to make this look and I really enjoyed making this.

Hope you guys like it and I'll see you at my next Halloween tutorial!xoxo

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