September Haul!

4:03 AM

Every couple of months I ordered some products online. Why online? because we don't have the products here in Indonesia and some because they are cheaper if we bought online. And this time these are what I ordered and they just arrived yesterday!

1.  Crest 3D white Fluoride Anti cavity Toothpaste
After I search online they said this toothpaste is good for teeth I bought it. The thing is they are sooo expensive when i bought it...since I bought them via third party, they charge me cos me around $12! while I check online its only about $5. I guess because dollar rate is fluctuate here so they charge me more. 

2. L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer
I read alot of good reviews for this product...I cant wait to try them! Usually I use Smash box Photo Finish Face Primer, and  it's great, but I will run out if it soon, so it's a perfect time to try a new brand.

3. Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner:
Another product that got a lot of good reviews! I already use it today, and my friend compliment my eyeliner...I don't know how she could tell the different about my eyeliner since they all black and liquid...anyway, she said the eyeliner looks nicer. For me, I feel a bit unsure about this product based on my experienced this morning when I used it: the eyeliner is felt tip, but also flimsy at the same yea, I didn't expect that...I guess I have to write a review about it in the future.

4. Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Liner Pencil  (Wild Clover and Natural):
 I love Rimmel lip liners. I already have few of them, and I need to have them more. They are cheap and have a good quality. I really like the color  that I pick, which is Wild Clover and Natural. They are pigmented and the color payoff are great.

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