My Weekend in Photos

1:15 AM

This weekend was super relax and fun ....a type of weekend that I like, because I could had an enough  "me" time, but also I could still hangout with my friends. 

At Saturday, I managed to clean some of my make up brushes. I washed the ones that I use daily, and the ones that I use when I did make up for my friends. 

Later at night my friend coming and we watched Olympus Has Fallen. For some reason it was amazingly similar to White House Down. But I prefer White House Down, because it was funnier. And has Channing Tatum in it.  
Olympus Has Fallen
White House Down

At Sunday, I met my good friend Dewi. We rode shuttle bus to Mall Kelapa Gading and we took pic on the bus, and there was a photobomber! lol
I don't know if he intentionally did that or not, but whatever it is, it was kinda creepy

Oh and after months I finally had Shinny Tea again! I had it in White Pearl Milk Tea flavor and it tasted like heaven on earth...I am serious.

At Mall Kelapa Gading, we had lunch and I had the best green juice ever. I also tried Takoyaki from Okirobox for the first time. It was good, but it made my tongue burnt!

it was a mix of spinach, pineapple, and lime...slurps!

I also did a little shopping: Trisa Dental Floss, Clean & Clean Oil Control Film, and nail polish from The Faceshop  .
I cant wait to review the nail polish!

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