My Weekend in Photos

9:46 AM

So this weekend is a less busy weekend for me. Usually I have dance class on Saturday morning, but not this week. So the planned was i could wake up late, but because i always wake up early, it continues to my saturday too.. so that's kinda a bummer

Anyway, on saturday morning and afternoon I just stayed at home and cleaning my room, later my bff came and I did her make up for a wedding party that we attended

I like the combination of my red lipstick and my green dress..too bad it didnt really show in the pic

 On Sunday morning, I went to the church. I wear a white shirt and a jeans, i didn't have the pic tho cos abviously its a bit hard to get a fullbody picture by your self

After church I went to see the Mortal Instrument: City of Bones, which I gave 2,5 from 5 stars. I really like the style of Lily Collins in the movie tho.
She looks very cool and pretty, but I have to say it is a bit difficult to fight demons in heels.. but oh well

Before the movie, I had lunch, and I ordered Tex-Mex from Yo' Panino. It was my first Tex-Mex and I LOVE IT! I definitely will order that again next time.  Initially I wanted to eat Pho (my other fav meal) but I already had that last week, so I decided to try tex-mex....and i didnt regret it at all!

Oh yes, and I did a little shooping too in Stradivarius, and this is a by needs-purchased, because i really need a basic white tee and a new flats...

The thing that I like about weekend is I can do movies marathon... and right now my movie marathon is The Big Bang it so much!

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