My Hairloss Journey: Regrou Forte

7:06 AM

So, its been a while since I wrote my post about my hairloss issue, since then I have been using Regrou Forte, I just finished up the third bottle of it and I decide it is going to be my last Regrou.

The reason why I stop using it, because some of friends who used it before told me that, it is not good to use Regrou for a long term, so maximum is 6 month, longer than that it could effecting hormones. I dont know whether thats true or not. But here's what I feel about it after six months I used it:

  • I see alot of babies hair growing which is good. I am not sure if that's because the Regrou or not, but definitly more hair are growing after i used it
  • After months it made my scalp itchy, and even having dandruff if I combined it with a wrong shampoo.
  • I dont think it stop my hairloss problem because I am still having it
  • It doesnt trigger grey hair or haircolor change

So yea, 1 pro and 3 cons, which makes Regrou not a very suits product for me, but I cant really say that this product is bad, because this product is for growing hair and it did grow my hair, even tho not as much as I expected it would be.

Some people said this product works for them, and thats great, but for me after 6 months, I think this is time to stop it and try another product that would work better for me.

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