Manicure Week: China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise & Face Shop

4:29 AM

This week is manicure week for me...yay!! After several week my fingers were polish less, at Saturday I decided to polish my nail. Nail Polish that I pick this time is China Glaze in Turned Up Turquoise & Face Shop

I decided to buy this color because I was inspired with mint green, but the mint green is too soft for my skin tone, so I bought color that suits my skin more.

The thing that I didn't know when I buy it was it actually matte nail polish, which I am not really keen of. I am more into glossy nail polish. But after I applied the top coat, it looks great!

Somehow it always look more bluish in camera...
inside with light on
After I applied the China Glaze, I did the Ring Finger Manicure with Face Shop Nail Polish to make it more fun!

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