Product that I've used up #1

9:56 PM

1. Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh: I always use Vaseline for body lotion, and I think I've been using the aloe fresh since 2 years ago. For me, i think this is my go to body lotion, it doesn't sticky and I love the smell. So far, i think it moisturizes my skin. But I guess there are other products out there that are more moisturizing. But for me I am not in a search for other body lotion, so I will definitely purchase it again.

2. Wild rose hand cream spf 15 body shop: I love love love the smell of this lotion, but the thing is...its for mature I didn't see it when i bought it. But anyway, this product has a thick consistency. And it is pricey for the amount of cream that I got from the tube. Will i buy it again? I don't think so, because i am sure there are other product that less pricey but have same quality with it.

3. Head & shoulder cool menthol: So i have  dandruff problem these past few months, I guess that happens because i kept changing shampoo due to hair loss issue. So I used Pantene for my dandruff but it made my hair easily greasy, so yea, I after i use head and shoulder, my dandruff is gone as well as the greasiness. I already use 2 bottles of this, and right now i use head and shoulder for itchy scalp care. but from my my experience, i feel more itchier after i use it. so i guess i will go back to the head and shoulder cool menthol. so yes, I definitely will purchase it again.

4. Ponds clear solution, anti-bacterial facial scrub: i know that people skin are different from one and other, my friend told me that this cleansing caused her acne, but for me i have been using this for years and never caused me anything. so if you want to try it, i suggest you buy the smallest tube, so if the product doesn't suit you, you wont waste too much money

5. Vivelle body mist cologne, splendide: I keep changing my cologne every time i ran out  of one. i bought this product a couple months ago. It was a good deal, not too pricey and it has a nice smell. i think the smell could last until 3 hours max. but i don't think i will purchase it again because i would like to try other cologne

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