Bridesmaid Dresses!

12:25 AM

So my dear aunt who only a year older than me will got married on November. and i got the honor to be her bridesmaid. She has a sister actually, but she's the wedding planner, so they decide that I am the one who is going to be the bridesmaid. Anyway, this is sooo excited because this is the first wedding in my family after 10 years, its also gonna be the first marriage in my generation.

For this wedding all the family got the same fabric material for the dress, and then we could choose the design by our self.

So I've been searching on the Internet for dresses design and it up to these:



one shoulder

Since I have a very petite figure, i am leaning towards something that is simple with less accessories. So far, from these 3 designs i prefer the One Shoulder dress because I want to be different ( I've asked my family around and they said no one will use the one shoulder)

Btw, my dress will be blue/ I'll definitely will let you know when the dress is finished!

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