Make Up Product that I use in my 20's

2:47 AM

Hey Lovlies,

So I want to share what make up product that since I reached 20th. You can see the progress of make up that I own. So enjoy it!

At 20 - 22
At this time I was still in the university, and i did not experiment so much with make up product because I used doctor prescription  and I was very happy with my skin and how I looked. I was also very active at this time and the only place where you could see standing still was either in a class, or in library- sleeping. Other than those places, i was practically bouncing here and there. So here all that I use during that time:

- powder
- mascara
- lipgloss

At 23 - 25
Even after I graduated and got a job, I still not use to make up, but at least i was making a progress, I start to use lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and blush. I wear them at night event usually. At this time, I started to learn to make smokey eyes and cat eyeliner.

25 - 27

I think this is the peak time for make up for me. I wear everything, and not only at night but at day as well. I am happy that I explore more. I also back to dancing, and I use alot of make up when I have performance, and it makes me more interested about make up:

foundation, concealer, highlighter, lip liner, bronzer.

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