Review #3: Revlon Powder Blush

1:26 AM

So Revlon Powder Blush is the first blush that I have, I was new to make up back then, and I think this blush is perfect for a newbie.

The color payoff is just okay, but I think it will look better for people with fair skin, because for my medium skin tone, I had to brush it a couple of time to get the color that I want. 

 The color that I have is Smokey Rose. Its a pinky/red matte color. Its great for you when you are wearing a heavy eye make up or red/dark lips but you want to let the rest of your face looks simple.
I think they have a new packaging for this blush, and maybe they change the formula too, but I havent tried it.  The price in Indonesia is about 8 dollar and I think it's worth with the quality of the blush. Will I buy it again? I am not sure, because I dont even think I could  finish this one product in a year, but it will be a perfect gift for your friend, or if  you want to buy a blush for a first time!

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