Reaching The Dream Journey (Part 1)

2:53 AM

Hey Pretties!

Long time no see!!! My bad, I know! I've been busy with work and dance these last few months. But now I am back and I am so excited to share everything to you guys include my never ending journey in getting my dreams.

Today writing is not about beauty, but this story takes a big part of my adult life, so I want to share it with you guys:

Since high school, I know that I want to study at least until Master Degree, and I want to get my master degree abroad. At the university, I finally found a way to reach that dream. It was by getting a scholarship abroad.

Most of the scholarships require the applicants to apply after they graduate bachelor degree. So that was my plan: finishing my bachelor degree and then apply for scholarship. The problem is and this is one thing that i regret about my self: I did not study hard enough at my bachelor study so when I graduated my grade was just okay and I know its going to affecting the quality of my application. (But anyway, I still applied regardless that because I still qualify)

The year I got my first job was the year I applied a scholarship for the first time. It was for Australian Development Scholarship Program (ADS). I failed at my first attempt. I was sad, but I knew it was difficult to get accepted,  so yea, I moved on, and I applied again the next year.

This time, I already worked in a different job. I work in NGO now. I choose to work in NGO because I hope to get a bigger chance in getting a scholarship, but again, I still failed in my second attempt.

And now its 2 years later and  I still got nothing. I think i have been applying 10 scholarships by now: 3 ADS, 1 Fullbright, 1 DAAD, 2  Stuned, 1 Erasmus Mundus, 1 KAAD, 1 OFID.

I cant tell you how many times I feel like i want to give up in getting my dream. So many prays and tears that i shaded in my hopelessness to get a scholarship. If I want, I could just stop and pursue another dream, but honestly, I don't want to, because this is the only thing that I want, so I can only keep trying.

This year I apply to 2 scholarships: Stuned and KAAD. For KAAD, I will get the result in July, so I am still in waiting. And for Stuned, I got into reserve list! And so far this is the highest achievement. The committee said that if the main candidate withdraws from their application, they will contact me...but we will see, because apparently they use rank system in "the waiting list" candidate, so fingers cross guys!

I will update this story when I got the result at the end of this month.Ciao!

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