My Hair Journey: Hair Loss

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Since  I was 20 I start to have problem with my hair: I loss my hair a lot. Seriously a lot.
At first I thought I was sick or something, but then I just tried to take care my hair more: no heat, no coloring, no pulling my hair in a tight bun, or anything. I also changed shampoo a couple of times with the hope that I could find the one that will stop my hair loss
This pic was taken at the year I start losing my hair. I looked happy and my hair looked fine, but honestly, i worried so much about my hair, I still do.

After I graduated from college this problem still continue. I got my first job and sometime when i was sitting on my desk, i felt something tingling in my hand, and of course, it was my hair that just fell. And it happened a lot.  I also remember I kept staring people with thick hair, and envy them, and feeling sorry for my self because my hair was so thin.  I got to say, it got to the point that  my self esteem was getting lower because of this.

A month before I resigned from my first job, I cut my hair very short because I was really stressed out with my hair.

It was my last day in my old office with my new hair. I actually like short hair, my friends said short hair looks good on me, but that didn't make me feel better because I had short hair to reduce my hair loss. 

After 6 months working in my current office, I started to grow my hair back and did another treatment: I made a home-made spinach juice. And it was soo not delicious. Every time I drank it, i felt like I wanted to throw up. Did it help? I am honestly not sure, but somehow it did make me feel better because at least I did something to treat my hair. I drank the spinach juice for 4-5 months I think.
This is how my hair looked like after I grew it back. This picture was taken in 2011 and I was 25 in this picture. At this point, even tho in the picture my hair looked okay, but not so much in reality. I still shaded so much hair. I never made a pony tail and I stop drinking the spinach juice because I cant stand the taste. 

So yea, because of. that, I cut my hair again

It was my friend's last day at the office, and It was a goodbye picture, and I got a new short hair. I love the cut, but lets be honest, I look like a boy with short hair. I got to say that by cutting my hair short reduce the amount of my hair that loss. 

After a while, I started to have a face treatment in Erha Beauty clinic, apparently they also have hair doctor. 
which I visited the next time I went there. At my first visit, the doc said my hair was too oily and it caused the roots of my hair become less strong, and easily pulled. So she gave me a shampoo, antibiotic, and vitamin. The shampoo, unfortunately, didn't suit me because it makes my hair more oily than before, but I took the antibiotic and the vitamin.

The antibiotic, which is Acnic +kenacort, in my opinion did a great job. After a week taking it, i felt the amount of my hair loss became less. The downside is, this pill also make me nausea. But anyway, I kept taking it for 3 month I think. 

Because the treatment was also expensive, I stop it.  After that I used herbal hair tonic that I got from my dad. For me, this hair tonic is a miracle, i could see that my baby hair is growing, even in my forehead. Well, my hair didn't got so thick like i wish it could, but at least they grow more than they used to. But again, since it was expensive I stop using it after 8 month. But I can really see the result, and it make me feel confidence to grow back my hair. 

So at the mean time, my hair looks like this: 

Does my hair still fall out? Yes, but its not as much as before, and I grow more baby hair now, which is a good sign. 

What am I doing to my hair now? Currently,  I am using Regrou. I heard this product so many times the past, but never tried it, so here I am, trying this product, and I like it, despite of the use instruction that is too complicated. I guess I would know the result at the next 2 or 3 months. But I could say, i feel much happier with my hair now. :)

What about you? Did u have a same experience like me? I would love to hear how u handle it :) 

 Have a nice day!

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