May 2013 Favorites!

3:14 AM

So Ladies, these are my May Favorites:

  1. Chiffon tops: actually I have a love-hate relationship with chiffon material. Because every time I used it, i have to wear tank top underneath, and for Jakarta's warm and humid weather, it is not very suitable. But whateves, it's cute and i feel feminine every time I used this kind of material.
  2. Cut-off tops: I am honestly kinda late with this of my friend said that this trend is soo last year, but since summer is coming, i am pretty sure this trend will having a long shot, at least until this end of this year. 
  3. White Basic Shirt: ok, so since its a basic must-have item, i think this trend will never go away, especially now. I think most of the brand that i see having this type of shirt. 
  4. Big-edgy Necklace: i don't really know what the name of this type of necklace, but its on trend girls! Some people said its a "statement necklace", but honestly, I don't know what that means. I got 2 of these. One is big and one is smaller and they are just so pretty!
  5. Turquoise nail polish: I know that what's in trend right now is minty-greenish nail polish. But since i think its going to be too pale for my medium skin tone, i choose a bolder color. so here you go!
  6. Revlon Colorstay Concealer: I really like this concealer, it is a liquid so it is very easy to apply and for me, it doesn't make my skin oily. Oh, and it stays all day!

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  1. I love the chiffon tops, so pretty!

    Nicki x

    1. me too! most tops that i bought lately are chiffon! lol