Make Up Tips for Glasses

2:01 AM

Using glasses is one my of least favorite thing to do, but since i broke my hard lens last month, i dont have another choice but to wear back my glasses, at least until i get a new hard lens. But wearing glasses does not stop me in having eye makeup. So here's what I like to do to enhance they glasses make up:

  1. First of all, you need to pick glasses frame that suits your face shape.For me, since I have a round/square face, I choose glasses that longer to the side and has a bit cat eye shape, and so far this is the most suitable frame for my type of face
  2. On some days, when I don't have too many times for getting ready, all I did was having a thick cat eye eyeliner. Trust me, it will look very flattering yet simple
  3. Since the area under your eye will be more visible rather than above the eye, you need to make sure there's no dark circle there. that's why you need the help of concealer. Using concealer will absolutely change your face somehow, without making it too drastic.
  4. Use eyeliner under your eyes will also pops your eyes. But for everyday wear, its better to use it only up until the middle. 
  5. For eyes shadow color, i think neutral is the best color for glasses user, because it would look less heavy rather than using bright color 
  6. Don't forget to use mascara!
  7. Oh, and please, please, clean your glasses. Wearing a nice eye make up is useless if you cover it with a dirty glasses!
So that's my tips, hope it would help!

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