I am Getting Married!! Yay......

10:44 PM

Okay, it is actually not true, but that was a gossip I heard yesterday about my self.
and I think it was so hillarious...

I havent even engaged with anyone...and they said I am going to get married... its just funny.
what makes it  funnier is I hear it when i was in my donor office...which kinda of strange, because I've been there only several time.

Anyway, lets just hope that the gossip will come true anytime soon. lol

So this gossip makes me realize how people could make a conclusion or assuming about you before they know you or getting to know you. In this case, I could just laugh about it, but in other cases, sometimes people make a bad conclusion or assuming something awful about you. For me, I think i will react in 2 ways if this happen to me

My first reaction is I will just ignore it, because they don't know me, and it is not true, so why bother? They can think whatever they want to think...

But sometimes this matter can go really bad, and when that happen, I will confront it... I will say that it is not true, please stop gossiping, and mind your own business!

I most likely will do the Reaction number 1 rather than 2, because sometimes it is easier just to ignore it rather than confront it...but what about you? will you ignore it, or confront it?

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