Review #1: Revlon Touch & Glow Face Powder

1:25 AM

Hello Pretties! Today I want to review a face powder that I've been using ever single day for these past 3 months. It's Revlon Touch & Glow Face Powder. And I love this product!

Revlon Touch & Glow Face Powder
 (please don't mind the sticker on it.
 I put sticker to all my make up stuff  :-D)
It's actually an old product by Revlon. I think they already have released it years ago, but years ago the only powder that used was baby powder. So yes, please excuse my ignorance :-D

What I like about this powder is the light texture of it. So when you put it on your face, you can see the powder but it feels like you're not wearing any. I also like the smell. It has the scent of old make up, but in a good way. And for my oily-combination skin, this powder suits me. I know that some other powders make my skin breaks out, but not for this powder. So it's a good thing.
And the best think of this product : It's sooo inexpensive! The one that I have, which is the small size, was only Rp. 35,000. And i think the bigger size was about Rp. 65,000
Color that I'm using is Cream Beige 55
The only downside of this powder is it does't stay long. So you need to reapply it after few hours.

I know there are many powders out there that work better, but for this price and this quality, I think it's worth it!
This is how I look like using the Revlon  Touch  & Glow Face Powder
My suggestion for you  if you're interested with this powder is to buy the small size first . I know some people tend to buy the bigger size of everything because they can save some money by doing that, but for make up, there's a possibility the product doesn't suit you. If it does, that's great and you can buy the bigger one next time. But if it doesn't, well, it won't cost you too much girls! Have Fun! :-***

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  1. Mamaku pake ini juga mbak (lupa shade apa) gara2 liat aku pake loose powder (Wardah) buat sehari2, jadi ikut2an juga tapi teteuuupp pake brand favoritnya ahahaha

    1. hahaha ...ini one of my first loose powder ever! Product nya lumayan bagus sih, worth it lah.
      thanks udah mampir ya Nindya!

  2. powdernya sama kakak^^ punyaku warnanya creamy peach