Review #2: Bourjois New Effects 3D Lipgloss

11:40 PM

Hello Pretties! So yesterday I visited Bourjois counter in Watsons Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.
And I picked up one lip gloss from their 10th year anniversary collection. It was my first purchased from Bourjois and I was really excited about it

So this is that what I picked: Bourjois New Effects 3D Lipgloss 

There are 15 shades for this collection, and the one that I picked is Rose or epic shade. My first impression for this lip gloss was the color is really gorgeous. It's nude and it's also very pigmented. And they said it will hydrate your lips for 8 hours, which I haven't tried  for 8 hours, but I believe it will because when I put it on my lips, I can feel the moisturizing effect. Oh, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with the brush applicator

(please excuse for the turn side pic, it kept rotate back after i upload it here)
I got to say that this brush applicator so far is the best applicator that I have ever use. It's so soft and just better than any other that I've tried.

Now let's talk about the 'meh' side of this product. First, yes, this lip gloss is moisturizing but it also makes your lips looks like you just kissed a bowl of oil. It's just sooo shiny. And what makes it worst is the shimmer in it. It has too many shimmer. What my friends said when I used this lip gloss was: your lips looks so shiny and sparkly! And I personally don't know if I like that. So actually, I have a mix feeling about this product. Yes, it's too shiny and shimmery, but hey, the brush applicator is great, and the color is good, and it won't dry out your lips.

(Sorry I don't have the pic when I put the lip gloss on my lips, I only got this And yes, the quality of the pic is poor, I'll work on it for next time!)
 Last word I got to say, if you like a shiny and shimmery lips, this product will be prefect for you, BUT, I don't really recommend it if you have a warm medium skin like me because it just doesn't look good (unless you wearing for night occasion with minimum light) or if you still want it, better pick other shades that would flatter your skin. Enjoy Girls!

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